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  • Trim CBD Weight Loss Capsules
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Trim CBD Weight Loss Capsules

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We are excited to introduce SunMed's new line of weight loss products, TRIM. Our TRIM products are predominantly CBD and come with the introduction of two new cannabinoids, THC-V and CBD-V. THC-V, a compound in hemp, is known to naturally suppress your appetite. Studies conducted demonstrate the efficacy of the extract for weight loss, girth loss, BMI reduction and improvement of overall health.


THC-V directly binds with the CB1 Receptor (located in our Endocannabinoid System) and deactivates it. This action prevents appetite stimulation.

The recommended serving is 50mg per day over a 90-day introductory period. Clinical trial have shown up to 18lbs in weight reduction and up to 6 inches in waistline reduction resulting from consistent use of TRIM by SUNMED™ over the 90-day period (with averages of weight and waistline reductions of 9 pounds and 3 inches, respectively, results may vary). 


The efficacy of this revolutionary new line of weight loss products is corroborated by a first-of-its-kind human clinical study, which showed a remarkable rate of success amongst participants spanning over 13 weeks. The results of the study confirm natural appetite suppressing benefits utilizing THC-V, the core component of the TRIM by SUNMED™ product line.

Explore an all natural approach to weight loss. TRIM by SUNMED is scientifically backed by clinical trials with proven weight loss by 100% of participants, over a 13 week trial period.